It's crucial to remember that, just as with any other job you undertake, your tools should be suitable for the task at hand. Axes are used for cutting down trees rather than shovels. Use this kind of common sense while selecting a hydrovac truck or a stone slinger truck. The process of hydrating, which entails cutting the soil with high-pressure water and then removing the slurry with a vacuum truck, calls for the usage of this truck.

When searching for a hydrovac truck or a stone slinger truck, there are many things to consider. This post will review every essential factor that should be considered when selecting a hydro-vac service.

Factors To Consider About An Excavation Truck

When selecting a hydro-vac truck for potholing, trenching, daylighting, or any other hydrovac excavation job, you should consider the following factors.


Asking yourself, "for what duties or goals do I need a hydro excavation truck" is the most appropriate place to start. Even if a hydro excavator is currently used for various tasks, several options and add-ons are still available for this machinery. The crucial action you may take right away in this decision-making process is identifying the scope of your project or ongoing activity. You will be better equipped to respond to follow-up inquiries such as "do I need a heavier-duty truck?" and "how long will my project(s) take?" as a consequence. These are simply the first considerations you should make for yourself before choosing.

Soil Characteristics

The tools you'll need will depend partly on the type of soil you'll find on the job site. Terrain resembling clay presents more of a challenge to manage than thinner soil. While loose or soft soils demand the use of smaller, lighter-duty equipment, thicker soils like clay call for the employment of a heavier-duty truck.

Water supply

The truck's water system is crucial since it affects how readily you can cut through the dirt with a high-pressure water hose. The pressure applied must be just right; otherwise, the machine can only move the soil a little. Furthermore, it is essential to avoid using too much power, which could permanently harm the truck and the soil in the area.


The pricing range of a hydro excavator may change to account for the extensive range of machine systems and options. Working closely with your hydrating contractor is crucial to ensuring that the excavation vehicle they are utilising satisfies your project's specifications and budgetary restrictions. Your contractor will assist you as you navigate the procedure and available options, ensuring that you have the required equipment while remaining fiscally responsible.

Other Factor To Consider

To reduce machine downtime, pick a hydro-vac vehicle with a greater tank capacity. You will only need to empty the tank occasionally. On the other hand, trucks with more giant tanks cost more. Make sure to consider every facet of your project before selecting a choice. Although it's only sometimes the cheapest or fastest choice, some builders decide to modify their trucks. An extensive investigation is needed to find the right parts and buy the necessary tools and equipment to assemble the truck. Therefore, DIY alterations are not encouraged, and you should avoid hiring these contractors.


It would help if you determined the types of hydrovac services available and suitable for your project. There are numerous types to pick from for various excavating operations. The terrain you're working on will impact the model you choose. For instance, a hydrovac vehicle that performs best on concrete or rocky ground will differ from one that performs best on clay or soft dirt. Finally, while choosing a hydro excavation truck, there are a few things to consider. Long-term cost savings can be achieved by using trucks with bigger tank capacities. A hydro-vac truck can prevent needless harm to the nearby soil when used appropriately.